Why P80 will change your grooming routine

Why P80 will change your grooming routine

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Is it perhaps a clever trick of the beauty industry to simply invent more and more names for the same products? Unfortunately, this often corresponds to the truth, because the cosmetics market is flooded with anti-aging products that promise the "holy grail of fighting wrinkles". New active ingredients or combinations of active ingredients that are supposed to improve the skin's appearance in the long term are continuously being advertised. 

Longanova P80, on the other hand, is truly innovative, revolutionary and unique. Why is that? We provide clarity:

The active ingredient complex P80 extracted from the Logan fruit is combined with highly active microorganisms - collected at a depth of 3,400 meters in the Indian Ocean - and a novel peptide developed on the basis of neuroscience to form the highly potent Longan Extreme P80 Anti-Age Complex.

The unique Longan Extreme P80 Anti-Age Complex convinces with a proven immediately visible effect of skin tightening. The high antioxidant potential protects cells from oxidative stress, supports collagen formation and has a skin regenerating and soothing effect. All products are dermatologically tested and the effectiveness of Longanova P80 Skincare products is proven by numerous studies. *

*Study results are based on in vitro studies and self-assessments by over 30 female testers, tested in a TÜV audited & ISO certified Skin Research Institute.