About Us

Science and nature rethought

Highly concentrated active ingredients from natural essences of the longan fruit are transformed into the unique active ingredient complex P80 in an innovative manufacturing process.

The innovative active ingredient complex P80 is obtained from the longan fruit. This has a particularly high content of vitamin C, polyphenols and amino acids.

In cooperation with the University of Chiang Mai/Thailand, P80 Phyto Prime GmbH has developed a unique multiphase thermal concentrate process for the extraction of P80.

The natural active ingredients are highly concentrated: Potency 80. Thus, the bioactive components simultaneously retain their stability and effectiveness.

The founders

Prof. Mag. Dr. Dr. h.c. Günther Bonn

Professor at the University of Innsbruck

Head of the Institute for Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry. Managing Director and Scientific Director of the Austrian Drug Screening Institute - ADSI

Prayudh Mahagitsiri

Chairman of PM Group Limited

PM Group Limited has been an owner-managed Thai group for 47 years. Business segments: Food, health food and dietary supplements.